The Video Games You Need To Play As A Sports Fan

Published on 09/30/2021

If you’re a sports fan, it’s fair to say that they may have even become an obsession. Whether your game is football, basketball, soccer, hockey; the list goes on. You have to catch the game at the time it starts, because if you’re not watching live, there isn’t much point watching. Does it stop there? Not quite. People think, live and demand more sports; we know how it can be. Take soccer for example. Say you support a great European club like Barcelona, Real Madrid or Manchester United; you have to catch the game at the time it’s broadcast, which means if you’re viewing from the U.S, you be facing some strange hours. When you’re playing the game, you take a shot, you envisage yourself as Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi; shouting the name as you shoot, just like basketball fans shout Kobe when they shoot. It doesn’t have to stop there however! Video games now have such great versions of their sport games that you can get even more to satisfy your sporting desires. Read on to find out which sports games you need to play!

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The Video Games You Need To Play As A Sports Fan


We’re going to start with a game that was actually only released a few days ago, but FIFA is a household name in the video-game world. An interactive soccer game that allows you to control teams and players from all the top leagues in world soccer, it is very easy to become obsessed with this game as a soccer fan. With such game modes as ‘Career Mode’, you can literally take the manager role of a side and lead them all the way to Champions League success. Do you have a desire to see an MLS side in the European Champions League? You can do this too! Merely swap your American side into a different league and start your career. Play as a single player, build an Ultimate Team of players from any team. The options that the game offers are amazingly fun, not to mention it’s fantastic graphics and gameplay. Every year this only improves, so we are sure FIFA 22 will be just as successful as any of it’s predecessors.

Madden itself is a classic at this point. The game is the official game of the NFL and is rather fun to play. It must be said that this season’s edition doesn’t feel drastically updated from last years; but naturally there are some improvements and adjustments along with updated player rosters. Similarly to FIFA, Madden has it’s own version of Ultimate Team, which is certainly a big money maker for the game. You can tell within the game that it has made significant attempts to become more authentic, including more willingness to break tradition and take more in-game risks. A very fun game, any football fan should give it a try.

NBA 2k21

The 22nd installment of the NBA 2K franchise, for a basketball fan; this is the game to play. NBA 2K prides itself on being the official game of the National Basketball Association, and previous games of the franchise have been super fun. It must be said that this particular installment was a little bit of a let down compared to others, just because it really didn’t seem all that different from other NBA editions. Critics particularly criticized the lack of originality in the gameplay, as well as the many bugs in-game. The game could have done with a little more to make it perfect, but the game is enjoyable nonetheless and a must buy for a gamer-basketball fan.

MLB The Show 21

Produced by San Diego Studio, published by Sony; this game is based on Major League Baseball. This game was the sixteenth entry in the franchise, and is pretty good if we have to say so. The game has a new edition within; the ballpark creator feature. This gives the player the opportunity to change the dimensions of the ballpark, as well as other scenery options and features; such as the height of the walls. This edition was also the first time that a game of the franchise was available on Xbox devices. Featuring cross-platform compatibility, the game received favorable critic reviews. If you love baseball, buy this game; and hope for more subsequent editions!