Your Favorite Restaurants That Offer Student Discounts

Published on 01/07/2020

As a college student, there is truly nothing more magical than finding out that your favorite restaurant offers student discounts, especially when it’s all you’ve been dreaming of eating all day! There are actually a ton of restaurants that people don’t realize give student discounts to people with a valid ID card; usually, the only thing you have to do is ask for it. While a free soft drink or ten percent off of your bill may not sound like a lot at the time, these discounts add up quite quickly, especially if you’re someone who likes to indulge in eating out a lot. We’ve found some of the most popular restaurants among college students that offer some sort of discount with a valid ID…

Pizza Friends

Your Favorite Restaurants That Offer Student Discounts


I dare you to find me one college student in all of the United States that doesn’t pretty much rely on chipotle to get them through the week. Somehow Chipotle became the biggest craze in the country and now everyone knows and loves those infamous brown bags filled with heavenly goodness, AKA tortilla chips. We know that guacamole costs extra money, but it’s okay because it is so worth it. What sometimes doesn’t seem worth it, though, is paying for a soft drink. If you’re a student with a valid ID, don’t fret, because Chipotle’s got you covered! With your ID you can get a free soft drink.

Dairy Queen

Just the thought of getting a discount at Dairy Queen makes my mouth water. Dairy Queen is the type of place that you don’t tend to go to every week, but when you do go, you have absolutely zero regrets and you immediately remember why you love going. Their blizzards are absolutely to die for, and even if you’re just going for a simple swirl cone with rainbow sprinkles (not to be too particular…) you are instantly brought back to your childhood summers of dripping ice cream all the way down your chin onto your t-shirt. If you have a valid student ID, Dairy Queen will give you ten percent off your entire order! So go ahead and order that small blizzard instead of the kid’s size next time, you deserve it.

Dunkin’ Donuts

Okay, this is hands-down the most valid piece of information a college student needs to hear right now. With a valid student ID, Dunkin’ Donuts gives customers ten percent off of their order. Whether it’s a bagel and cream cheese, a delicious donut, or that iced vanilla latte you’ve been craving since you woke up this morning, take advantage of that discount and go treat yourself. Make sure to pay close attention to when Dunkin’ has their happy hours because sometimes you can also get your student discount on top of happy hour pricing!

Pizza Hut

Honestly, there is nothing better than coming home from a night out and ordering some pizza for you and all of your friends to enjoy together. Unfortunately, sometimes pizza can get expensive once you add all of the toppings and personalize it to everyone’s liking. We have some good news, though! Pizza Hut offers between ten and twenty percent off of every order when you show your student ID. Twenty percent off of pizza can go a very long way, so take advantage of it!