4 Reasons You Should Start Playing Tennis

Published on 03/28/2022

Sport keeps you fit, we all know that. If you are looking for a new team sport, you have the choice between many ball sports. Tennis, in particular, has many positive effects on health. But what exactly does tennis to the body? And is playing with the yellow felt ball also suitable for beginners?

Shutterstock 697394095

Shutterstock 697394095

Tennis Makes You Live Longer

Tennis players keep many different muscle groups fit and have a large heart volume. Coordination and mental strength are also important in this sport. In addition, they are less burdened by stress and cardiovascular diseases. Regular training and exercise in the fresh air also contribute to physical and mental well-being. So it’s no surprise that tennis keeps you fit. Unexpectedly, tennis can prolong life by up to ten years. This is what researchers found in the Copenhagen City Heart study, in which they surveyed over 8,500 people about their sporting activities.

Tennis Is Suitable For All Ages And Also For Beginners

Tennis is known for its international Grand Slams with top athletes. Therefore, some amateur athletes think that tennis is only for professionals who started at a young age. But that is a mistake. The author Gerald Marzorati started playing tennis at an advanced age and thus gained a new body awareness. Marzorati’s example proves that tennis can be fun at any age and has health benefits. Playing tennis in old age also has a psychological effect. Older players feel vital and are in the middle of life. Tennis is also not a problem for people with back problems. Those interested in tennis without any experience should not be put off by the tennis court. Professional trainers teach beginners the basic movements. With a little practice, the serve gets better every time.

Tennis Encourages Social Interactions

Despite the physical distance, tennis promotes social interaction with your playing partner. Even if they play against each other individually, the shared joy of the game is twice as great. Being involved in the club and the activities associated with it promote a sense of community. As studies show, social interactions contribute significantly to our well-being. Sports scientists even claim that tennis helps us to solve conflicts in a healthier way because emotional control is trained during the game.

Tennis Minimizes The Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease

A healthy heart through tennis? The sport gets us going and stimulates the cardiovascular system. Regular training can reduce body fat and improve blood lipid levels. Overall physical fitness reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. Another plus: The risk of injury in tennis is lower than in other sports.


So, tennis is a healthy sport for many reasons. The training develops both physical and mental abilities and prevents cardiovascular diseases. It is also a year-round sport, which means that the movement sequences do not have to be re-learned every spring. Exercising outdoors reduces stress and is suitable for every phase of life, even for beginners. And thanks to all these benefits, playing tennis can even prolong life.