The Importance Of Yoga For Young Children

Published on 06/01/2020

Kids these days are extremely busy. Between school all day, extracurricular activities and homework in the evenings, family time, and more. They hardly find the time to relax and take it easy so, one of the best ways to help kids relax is by doing yoga. Yoga was first considered to only be something for adults but nowadays more and more children are taking part in this beautiful activity. We completely understand why there are loads of benefits that are so important for kids. So get your children involved in this fun movement now!

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The Importance Of Yoga For Young Children

Improves Social Relationships

While yoga is not typically considered to be a social activity, there is definitely a social component to it. Yoga often involves being in a class with other people. But for kids yoga is entirely a social practice as it usually includes songs, games as well as other fun activities that encourage children to keep moving. Not only does this create a positive environment in which kids can have fun, talk to one another, but also enables them to learn to trust one another.

Reduces Stress & Anxiety

Enhancing our mood in turn means reducing stress and anxiety. For children, it is so important that we teach them from a young age the balance between negative and positive emotions. By practicing yoga, it’s a great way to let go of all negativity and also helps reduce stress and anxiety by relieving tension that kids store in their bodies.

Improves Sleep

Often times when we are stressed or overwhelmed, our mind and bodies can find it difficult to wind down which then decreases our ability to sleep. This is no different for children! It is highly recommended for kids to practice yoga for a short time before bedtime, it helps them release any negative tension or emotions. This, therefore, helps the body to fall asleep faster and stay asleep too.

Enhances Memory & Cognitive Functioning

Along with all the benefits of yoga, one of the essential ones is to help improve memory and cognitive function. Practicing yoga requires the concentration of both the mind and the body because we need to pay attention to the movement of our bodies and how our breathing coordinates with those movements. Many yoga poses, need you to concentrate more than other poses, which is excellent for young children.

Yoga Is Non-Competeive

In today’s world, kids are often involved in so many activities and sports where they are required to compete with each other. They are always exposed to “the best” or “the highest achiever”. But when it comes to yoga, it teaches kids that their bodies are different, so different bodies do different things, and it’s all okay! No one is better or worse than anyone else…yoga is truly for everybody.