How To Stay Fit While In Lock-down

Published on 09/24/2020

Given the current reality in which we live, most of us are forced to stay home. It has been months that our routines concerning our wellbeing and leisure have been modified completely. Those who would begin their morning with a run at the park, or hitting the gym had to say bye to these. But the fact that we have to stay home does not mean that we can not take care of ourselves. On the contrary, staying at home eliminates the excuses of “I didn’t have time to eat healthily” “I finished to work late so the gym was closed” because we do have time for them. Eating healthy is something that goes without saying exercising however might be hard to do it at home at first simply because it is a new routine. But there are many different types of exercises that one can do at home, from yoga and pilates to body HIT and boxing. If you are having difficulties with staying in shape at home make sure to read these tips that will make your life easier.

How To Stay Fit While In Lockdown


Use The Net

It’s indeed hard to know what type of exercise to do or how to perform it correctly. But if you have an Instagram account you will see how many fitness couches and people post daily different exercise for different body parts and body types. The good thing about this is that there are even workouts that will make you sweat but last only 15 minutes! which is great for students that have a small break between the zoom lessons. If you don’t have dumbells or other equipment you can always use water bottles or cleaning products and there are so many options!

Back To The ’80s

Remember when your parents would tell you that back in the day the way to workout was by using videos and putting them on the tv? Well, it is a very good way of keeping the motivation going and having fun at the same time. Because who said that working out has to be boring? All you need to do is get a DVD with your favorite type fo workout. It can be aerobics, Zumba, belly dancing and there are just so many options. So put your game on, those leg warmers and get ready to sweat and have the time of your life

App-Date Your Game

Nowadays, everything is at the grip of our hands. Just by having a phone with access to the internet, we can have access to pretty much everything. When it comes to sport, there are so many different apps. From dancing and walking to running and cycling.  The difficult task is to chose which one to use because the options are infinite. First, you need to learn what body type and which parts do you want to improve to make sure that you are performing the correct exercises. The good thing about these apps is that most of them use equipment that you can have easy access to. So get ready, stop the excuses, and enter the 2020 fitness zoom class.