How To Make The Most Out Of Your Limited Dorm Room Space

Published on 09/05/2019

Is there really anything worse than living in a tight space with a roommate, but also having it feel cramped at the same time? We’ve all had the unfortunate experience of sharing a tiny dorm room with someone we probably didn’t know very well until move-in day, but luckily, there are so many ways to make your temporary living situation feel more like home! We’ll give you some tips and tricks that we’ve found beneficial in order to help you make the most out of your dorm room and utilize your small space as best as you can.

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How To Make The Most Of Your Limited Dorm Room Space

Loft Your Bed

It’s almost always an option in dorm rooms to loft your bed, which is a huge space-saver because now your bed takes up virtually no room on the floor! You can place your desk, your dresser, a sofa, or really anything else you can think of underneath your bed. This, of course, will make your room look and feel much larger due to the fact that everything isn’t stuffed together in one tiny space. Lofting your bed is a super simple way to create the illusion that your dorm room is much more spacious than it actually is. You should definitely give this a shot… as long as you’re not afraid of heights!

Put Your Dresser In Your Closet


For some reason, dorm room closets are absolutely notorious for being quite narrow but unexplainably deep at the same time. This odd construction can come in handy, though, because it means that placing your dresser inside of your closet is absolutely possible while still being able to close the door. Putting your dresser in your closet not only gives an extra shelf for your clothing (the dresser top) but also clears up a ton of space in the visible part of your room. This is also a great idea in case you often have visitors in your room; with your dresser stored in your closet you can safely keep your valuable items out-of-sight for anyone you don’t want to see them.

Store Out-Of-Season Clothing In Vacuum Bags

In my humble opinion, vacuum storage bags are some of the best things that have ever been created. Not only does it save a tremendous amount of room in a tight space, but it also keeps your clothes neatly folded and dust-free! Pro-tip: stick a dryer sheet inside of the bag to keep your clothes smelling amazing the entire time they’re sealed up. You can easily slide these vacuum bags under your bed or in the back of your closet while you don’t need the clothing that’s inside. This will allow you to bring all of your most-valued clothes to college with you without making you feel like your closet is packed in too tight!