Grow A Vegetable Garden In Your College Dorm Room

Published on 07/02/2019

Grow Your Own Indoor Garden While Youre At College

Grow Your Own Indoor Garden While Youre At College

You don’t need me to tell you what a hassle grocery shopping can become, especially when you’ve just crashed on the sofa after a grueling day of classes. Wouldn’t it be great if your groceries would just simply grow right in your dorm room? Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Well, you can plant these 5 super simple veggies and have them at your beck and call all-year round… for eating, that is.


Alright, so it’s not a vegetable per se, but it is bursting with flavor. All you need to do is grab a long stem (4 inches) of fresh basil and tear off the leaves from the bottom of the stalk. Next, put that stem in a cup of water, but make sure to leave the upper leaves dry. As soon as you notice thin white roots growing out of the stem, simply place the basil stem into clean soil with the roots submerged. Your basil will thrive with damp soil, plenty light but without direct sunlight.

Green Onions

It really grinds my gears when people discard the scraps from their green onions. If only they knew what you’re about to find out. If you’d like to create a hack for life, then you have to replant these guys so you’ll have never-ending green onions. Keep those little white ends that you want to throw out and put them in 2 inches of water. Their roots will grow, and when they do you’ll be able to place them in soil. Water them regularly and you’ll be able to constantly chop off the stalks whenever you want.

Hot Peppers

Wanna be the hottest thing on campus? Try this. Shake the seeds out of a hot chili pepper and spread them out over a bed of soil, and then cover them with about half an inch of soil. It’s important to keep the soil moist at all time. Soon enough you’ll see the sproutings, and then you can transfer the pot plant to a place with sunlight and then maintenance is at an all-time low.


Regrowing lettuce is almost the same as green onions – it’s the bottom that you have to hold onto. Take the base and put it in a flattish bowl that has clean water, enough to cover just the bottom of the lettuce. You’ll notice growth of new leaves really early. Once growth starts, you can move the lettuce to a pot plant with soil. Cover the base with soil and keep it moist.


I know, you’re a cilantro lover or a cilantro hater. Well, if you’re one of the former then this hack is just for you. Grab a handful of long cilantro stems and put them into a cup of water. As soon as those stems start to grow you can move them to fresh soil. They will need ample sunlight.

College Gardens

People, college gardens are the next hottest thing so make sure that you’re the first of your friends to create such a cool dorm attraction! Who knows, you might become the next best organic gardener in the college dorm history!