Tips For Traveling On A Small Budget

Published on 04/21/2021

Around the world with little money? Yes, it is possible, and we will show you how. We created a list of 10 tips for traveling on a low budget.

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Tips For Traveling On A Small Budget

Cookies Are The Enemy

If you book online, delete the cookies or use “Safe Browsing” before you go on a flight bargain hunt. The smart websites of the providers already remember after the first search that you want to fly to Bangkok in February and automatically increase the prices! Most common browsers offer “Safe Mode”, “Incognito Mode”, “Private Surfing” or something like that. In this mode, the scripts of the flight and hotel websites do not work, and you get the best and, above all, unadulterated overview of price changes. With the help of an Excel table you can compare and find the best bargain guaranteed. When booking online be sure to compare all prices and wait for the best offer.

Two Are Better Than One

Share rooms, drive a taxi together and keep an eye out for happy hours. 1 + 1 free promotions are always available everywhere. If you are more of the solo traveler, look for temporary companions or stay in shared rooms. Maybe you will share the toilet with five other people, but you will also get to know people from whom you can get more tips for cheap and smart traveling.

Travel And Earn Money

Yes it is possible! If you want to be on the road longer, then find out about Work & Travel offers (for example at Travelworks or Statravel). There are a lot of them: from English lessons in Cambodia to cotton harvesting in Guatemala to internships in international companies. It is most fun when you are actually looking for work that you would like to try out or can do things that you were particularly good at before the trip.

Airbnb And Couch-surfing

It does not always have to be the hostels. You can find alternatives on platforms such Couch-surfing and Airbnb. On this platform, private people rent out their apartments – usually, you get a cheaper deal out of it. The offers range from free couches in the kitchen to private rooms and entire apartments or even houses with a pool and tennis court.

Eat, Where The Locals Eat

This travel tip is not only easy on the budget, but also provides delicious culinary delights: Where many locals and few tourists jingle with cutlery or chopsticks, the food is almost always cheap and tasty. Be brave and try street food from time to time – it doesn’t have to be a snake on a spit or a fried spider.

Keep An Overview Of Your Finances

You don’t have to document every single chewing gum you purchase, but we recommend noting how much money you got from the ATM and what you paid with the credit card. This will give you a feeling about how much money you need and how much money you have left for purchases.