How To Stay Healthy In College

Published on 07/02/2019
The Best Ways To Stay Healthy In College

The Best Ways To Stay Healthy In College

College is a challenging time in our lives. With classes, homework, exams, friends, and sleeping, there isn’t much time left, if any. Because of this, health tends to be put on the back burner for a lot of students. It makes sense that getting a workout in before class isn’t your top priority when you have an array of essays to write, but let us explain why it should be. You probably already know this, but health is a crucial part of everyone’s lives. When someone isn’t taking care of their health, they won’t feel all that great for the most part. This goes for both mental and physical health. Bad health, of course, results in plenty of negative effects. From constant fatigue, to weight gain, and even trouble focusing. To help you feel like you’re at the top of your game, we’ve rounded up a few ways to maintain a healthier lifestyle while studying and avoid the notorious freshman 15.

Snack Wisely

When you feel like reaching for a packet of Oreos during your studies, opt for something healthier instead. Make sure to have some healthy snacks on hand so you have options and don’t get tempted to eat junk. Obviously, eating well is a major part of staying healthy in general, but it can be hard when you don’t have anything quick or easy to eat nearby. While the words ‘healthy snack’ can sound unappetizing, there are a lot of delicious options. From nuts to hummus and veggies to apples with peanut butter, there are endless recipes online you can find. Not only that, but they’re easy and super quick to make. Getting this habit down will help you have more energy without the sugar crash later on.

Get Some Z’s

Getting enough sleep is crucial to maintaining your health. Without a sufficient amount of sleep, your body simply can’t function properly. Try to get at least 7 hours of sleep a night. All the same, living in a dorm can make this even more of a challenge, what with the loud noise and roommates who turn on lights. To solve these issues, you can use earplugs and an eye mask if you need to.

Hydrate Like Your Life Depends On It

Because, well, it actually does. This is another obvious point, but it’s important enough to be mentioned. Be sure to drink enough water every day and try to cut down on soda if you can. If you want a boost of energy, go for coffee or tea. Just make sure not to drink anything caffeinated later in the day as it interferes with sleep.

Get Moving

Naturally, this is another obvious point, but exercise is just as important as everything else on this list. Especially when you’re stressed since exercise is a fantastic stress reliever. Not to mention that it will help your mental and physical health simultaneously. If you happen to have a gym on campus, take advantage of it! Even a gym session that’s 20 minutes long each day will make a world of difference to your mood and overall feeling. If you don’t have a gym, don’t worry about it. You can walk to classes, run outside, or find workouts you can do in the comfort of your dorm room! There is an endless supply of workouts you can find online. Whatever you choose to do, just remember that every little bit counts!